ACFIME offers its clients several savings product plans which are:

  • Loan Savings Plan – PEP
  • School Savings Plan – PES
  • Project Savings Plan – PEPRO
  • Demand deposit – DAV
  • Term Deposit – DAT

All ACFIME customers have a main ordinary sight deposit account (DAV). He may, however, open one or more other accounts.

ACFIME customers make savings deposits at the counters of a branch, an office, a service point of the institution and, if necessary, at the counter of a local bank with which the institution has opened. an account.

The documents required to open an account vary according to the client’s legal status.

Plan d'epargne ACFIME

1.   A photocopy of the civil status document

2.  Two (2) passport photos of the same print

3.  Opening fee: 0 FCFA

4.  Booklet fee : 1 500 FCFA

5.  Minimum deposit : According to the chosen savings plan

6.  Proof of a physical address (water bill, electricity bill, other indications)

Conditions d'octroi des prêts

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